My name is Teresa Miarnau Gaya. I am from Lleida by craddle, from Barcelona by foster, Catalan and world citizen.

My penchant for painting since I was fourteen led me to study interior design and then to work as a designer. Finally I am back to my origins and painting is my main activity.

My painting career includes from building projects, perspectives and classic drawing, to the search for a personal expression of color, form and composition, where color has a central role.

From 1988 to 1991, I had the guidance of the painter Ismael Font. During this period I participated in several collective exhibitions. I also presented two single-handed exhibitions: one of them at the Rebost de Maria in Barcelona and the other at Sa Nostra in the town of Pollença (Mallorca).

Since 2005, the painter Xavier Martinez is helping my evolution. In this second phase I have presented a single exhibition on Nepal themes at Casa Orlandai in Barcelona to help raising funds for the project of the organization Nepal Aki.

Painting is for me a way of expression and also a means of communication. Therefore showing my work to other people does matter to me.

My wish is to approach the art made by great artists, which goes beyond the stablished standards and opens new horizons.